All prices listed for plastic barrels are F.O.B. Anderson, IN.  No shipping included.  Please arrange your own shipping.  I will work with you on semi-loads.

Along with PayPal we also accept SolarCoin as payment option.  Just email or call to place order, and request a invoice.  I will send you a link to pay.  

Use paypal to pay for your used barrels before pick-up.  We accept cash, check and purchase orders from well established firms.

Barrel quantity options

"Call them drums or barrels, we don't care as long as you call us." 

Brian Cundy, Owner

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Phone: 765-648-6342

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Used Plastic Barrels is part of the Brian Cundy Group.  The largest segment of this group is Pressure Washing and Painting.  Brian Cundy, owner of Pressure Washing and Painting, is a industrial, commercial, agricultural roof coating and painting firm.  We also provide service to home owners.  Please visit my site to see pictures of past and present projects.  We do travel for large projects.  

Used plastic barrels, Anderson, IN
Rain barrels for sale

About Used Plastic Barrels for sale

We sell Used Food Grade Plastic Barrels, 55 gallon with closed top. 2 bung holes with caps. Delivery to your shop or home is available for an extra charge.

We keep in stock used 55 gallon plastic drum for sale and our price is just 13.00 each F.O.B. Anderson, Indiana. Some are rinsed out, some are not.

Looking for 55 gallon plastic barrels for sale? We have them. "Call them drums or barrels, we don't care as long as you call us."

Blue 55 gallon plastic drum for sale, Anderson, IN Call or email.

Other drum styles and size are available, just ask.

We are the newest used barrel supplier in Central Indiana looking for buyers to work with for our Used 55 gallon Food Grade Barrels.  

These barrels, pictured below are NOT food grade.  But the locking top, easy handling size make for a great barrel.  

Spring lock removable top plastic drum or barrel:
Used Food Grade Barrels for sale. 1516 East 30th Street, Anderson, IN 46016 1.765.648.6342 office and fax